CFD & AMP Center
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
West Virginia University

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Applied Multi-Physics Center

Computational Fluid Dynamics & Applied Multi-Physics (CFD & AMP) Center at Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department, College of Engineering and Mineral Resources (CEMR) was established to promote research at West Virginia University in the field of fluid mechanics with emphasis on turbulent flows with combustion, multiphase turbulent flows, biological and environmental flows and energy systems research. Through the use of high performance computing systems, the current research efforts are focussed on better understanding of the basic mechanisms involved in turbulent flows applied to ship wakes and turbulent reactive flows applied to internal combustion engines and gas turbine combustors. Energy research into the physics and chemistry of high temperature fuel cells is also being conducted at the CFD & AMP center in collaboration with NIFT. With experience gained in modeling external flows around human body such as the worker exposure model and hood efficiency study, we have made recent forays into biological flows through modeling projects in hemodynamics of intracranial aneurysms and particle deposition in humanairways. Please visit our projects page for a detailed list of all the current and previous projects.

The CFD & AMP Center has established a scientific computation facility for fluid mechanics research which consists of several high performance number crunching systems and Silicon Graphics workstations for visualization of three-dimensional transient flows of interest. The Center has also access to several NSF and DoD funded national supercomputer centers to perform large scale production runs on parallel/vector supercomputers. Currently, distributed-memory computing cluster based on Intel Xeon Quad-core processor is operated by the Lab staff.