CFD & AMP Center
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
West Virginia University

Hayri Sezer

Graduate Research Assistant
Engineering Sciences Bldg.
ESB 114
(304) 293-9956
(304) 293-6689
West Virginia University
Mechanical and Aerospace
Morgantown, WV 26505-6106


PhD. Mechanical Engineering, West Virginia Univeristy, 2011-2014
PhD. Material Science and Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, 2009-2011 (not completed)
MSc. Defence Technologies, (Material Manufacturing and Design Engineering) Istanbul Technical University, 2005-2009
BSc. Physics Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, 2001-2005

Research Interests

Solid oxide fuel cells
Numerical Modelling
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Electro Chemistry
Dislocation Dynamics
Material Characterization

Research Projects

Direct Utilization of Coal Syngas in High Temperature Fuel Cells
Dynamic 3D multi-physics cathode/anode model

Related publications

  • Sezer, H., Pakalapati, S.R., Guo, H., Kang, B., Celik, I. B., "The Effect of Steam Concentration on Phosphine Induced SOFC Anode Degradation: A Computational Study", Fundamentals & Development of Fuel Cells Conference, FDFC2013, 16-18 April Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • Sezer, H., S. R. Pakalapati and Celik, I. B., "Phosphine Induced Anode Performance Degradation in a Planer SOFC: A Numerical Study", ECS Trans. 57(1): 2679-2689, 2013
  • S. R. Pakalapati, Sezer, H., Celik, I. B., "Implications of using dual number derivatives with a numerical solution", Proceedings of the ASME 2013 Fluids Engineering Summer Meeting FEDSM2013, July 7-11, 2013, Incline Village, Nevada, USA
  • Sezer, H., Pakalapati, S.R., Guo, H., Kang, B., Celik, I. B., "A Computational Study on the effect of the Steam on SOFC Anode Degradation Due to Phosphine", 13th Annual Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance (SECA) Workshop, July 24-25, 2012, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Sezer, H., Pakalapati, S.R., Celik, I. B., "Nickel Migration in SOFCs Anode Due to Phosphine Induced Degradation: A Computational Study", 224th ECS Meeting, San Francisco, California, 2013.
  • Sezer, H., Celik, I. B., Pakalapati, S. R. "Sensitivity Analysis of a One-Dimensional SOFC Contaminant Degradation Model Using Dual Numbers Automatic Differentiation” , submitted to 225th ECS Meeting (May 11-16, 2014).
  • Sezer, H., Celik, I. B., Yang, T., Pakalapati, "Analysis of Polarization and Impedance Under Phosphine Induced Anode Degradation in a Planer SOFC", submitted to 225th ECS Meeting (May 11-16, 2014).
  • Celik, I. B., Sezer, H, Pakalapati, S.R., "Richardson extrapolation using DNAD", American Physical Society 66th annual DFD meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, 2013.