CFD & AMP Center
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
West Virginia University

About Us

The day when computations will lead experiments is not too far ahead

Our research is shaped by a multi-disciplinary approach where the tools we develop are applicable to many areas of science and engineering. The breadth of applications range from classical aerodynamics with large scales and transport and reaction in Fuel cells at scales. We focus on challenging problems involving turbulence, multi-phase flows, reactive flows, and flow through porous media with micro scales interacting with macro scales through electro-chemical and biological reactions. Our goal is to develop accurate computational tools that can be used in advancing the science and engineering field so as to make human life more affordable, comfortable and sustainable with possible contributions to happiness of mankind while preserving the invaluable resources of our bio-sphere.

Current research efforts are focused on:

  • Energy Research (Gas Turbine Combustors, Fuel Cells etc.)
  • Bio Engineering Research(spread of influenza virus, worker exposure in chemical hoods, blood flow through cerebral aneurysm etc.)
  • Fluid Dynamics Research (Sub-grid scale models, Large Eddy Simulation of reactive flows, multi-phase flows, Assessment measures for CFD applications)