CFD & AMP Center
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
West Virginia University


CFD & AMP center serves the research needs of more than 5 faculty, 4 post-doctoral fellows and 12 graduate students. The computational resources includes a 64 core distributed memory computing cluster based on Intel Xeon Quad-core processor which is operated by the Laboratory staff. In addition, the Center has a general purpose, graphics processor unit (GPGPU) compute node. It has an Intel i7-4771 processor with 32Gb of RAM, 2TB of hard-drive storage, and a server based motherboard with an Intel C226 Chipset. There are 8 PCIe ATI Radeon HD 7990 GPUs that have two Tahini GPU compute nodes per card resulting in a total of 16 GPU compute units. The theoretical maximum computational throughput of all the GPUs cards is 32.8TFlops single precision and 8.0 TFlops double precision. If needed, the CFD group also has access to facilities of West Virginia University's High Performance Computing center, which include a 192 core 'Mountaineer' cluster with Intel high-density processors and an average RAM of 4GB per processor.

Dr. Celik's research group has developed and validated an in house CFD (computational fluid dynamics) code called DREAM. This code is used in a variety of CFD projects ranging from direct simulation of flow through porous media to Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of ventilation in hospital rooms and transport processes in solid oxide fuel cells. The Center has academic licenses (30 seats on 172 cores) for ANSYS-Fluent/Workbench (a commercial finite volume CFD solver with finite element structural analysis capabilities). Multiple licenses for post-processing software such as Matlab, Tecplot and Fieldview are current. Intel Parallel Studio on Microsoft Visual Studio Platform is used for in-house code development in windows environment.